Before you get into betting, it is important to understand how things work. There is a lot of lingo involved in the betting world and some are more important to understand than others. The terms are confusing at first but getting to know them will save you money in the long run so learning them is crucial. The first thing that you need to understand is how the bookmakers do what they do and how they make money. One way that bookmakers stay in business is a thing called the juice. The juice is a fee that a bookmaker charges on every wager. Once you understand all these things, you should start learning about casino withdrawal and payout times. By following us, you will be able to find more information about what are the withdrawal and payment methods that best suit your needs. The payout of a winning bet will be less than the cost to cover all sides of the bet and the money that is left is the juice. For example, if it costs 60 dollars to place a bet on heads or tails the payout will be less than the 120 dollars it would cost to cover both sides. That money left is the juice.